DBI Beginning Writers Manual & Decision Making Tools

The purpose of this manual is to provide basic steps in the process of DBI in beginning writing. The manual is intended to be used in conjunction with high quality, research-based intervention strategies in beginning writing. The information contained in this manual can be used for training purposes, as a resource for schools or individual teachers, as a guide to assist problem-solving teams or Response to Intervention teams in their decision-making, and as a model for special educators to intensify instruction. We have solicited feedback from teachers, administrators, and experts in the field to not only create the manual, but also make it user friendly. We hope we have succeeded and wish you success as you use this manual!

Table of Contents:

OBJECTIVE 1: Describe data-based instruction for beginning writers

OBJECTIVE 2:  Describe CBM for beginning writer

OBJECTIVE 3:  Select, administer, score, & graph CBM for beginning writers

OBJECTIVE 4:  Implement the eight DBI steps with fidelity

Includes: CBM Toolkit and Decision-Making Toolkit