DBI Beginning Writers Instructional Materials

Instructional materials including a diagnostic checklist and intervention mini-lessons. This manual serves as a companion to the Curriculum-Based Measurement and Decision-Making Manual. Within you will find materials to aid in selecting an intervention, intervention mini-lessons to address skill deficits, templates to merge mini lessons into an instructional plan, and fidelity tools to monitor intervention implementation.
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Insulin Administration

The content in this manual covers diabetes treatment and complications, types of insulin, techniques of insulin administration, and methods of monitoring blood sugar levels. The three units train Certified Medication Technicians and Level I Medication Aides on how to administer insulin. The manual was developed to meet the state regulations of Missouri for the required 4 hours of classroom training. It is recommended that the course consist of a minimum of 6 hours classroom training and 2 hours of clinical/ laboratory practice. (IML 2001)