K-12 Assessments

Despite the popularity of online tests, many districts and schools prefer the personal attention and affordability that paper-pencil assessments provide. The Assessment Resource Center (ARC) serves this need by offering high-quality products at a significant cost savings for school districts, along with excellent service to assist you before, during, and after administering assessments.

ARC contracts with multiple national testing companies for distribution, scoring, scanning and reporting services for several nationally normed and trusted assessments.

The following tests from Pearson and Riverside may be sold only to schools in Missouri. If you are not a Missouri customer, please contact Pearson at 1-800-211-8378 or Riverside Publishing at 1-800-323-9540 to purchase products.

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GMRT Reusable Test Booklet

One copy of directions for administration will be sent with each 25 booklets ordered. Additional copies of directions may be purchased. * Be sure to order separate answer sheets. *

SAT 10 - Answer Sheets

Standford 10 Answer Sheets contain OLSAT 8 answer spaces for every level except Primary 3 when used for 3rd grade spring testing. For combination SAT 10/OLSAT 8 testing at the primary 3 level, a SAT 10 answer sheet and an OLSAT 8 machine- scorable test booklet Level D must be completed. For combination SAT 10/OLSAT 8 testing, order OLSAT 8 Reusable Test Booklets.