Level 1 - Medication Aide (LIMA)

This manual presents content designed for individuals seeking to be qualified to administer medications in residential care facilities and community residential facilities. Body substance precautions have been incorporated. Anatomy and physiology section contains health problems and related diseases, aging process, and observations to report to licensed nurse. Also includes measuring vital signs and administration of medications by all routes except parenteral routes. (IML 1993)
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Insulin Administration

The content in this manual covers diabetes treatment and complications, types of insulin, techniques of insulin administration, and methods of monitoring blood sugar levels. The three units train Certified Medication Technicians and Level I Medication Aides on how to administer insulin. The manual was developed to meet the state regulations of Missouri for the required 4 hours of classroom training. It is recommended that the course consist of a minimum of 6 hours classroom training and 2 hours of clinical/ laboratory practice. (IML 2001)

Nurse Assistant in a Long-Term Care Facility (CNA)

(FYI- this includes Student Response Forms)This manual helps meet the requirements of the Missouri Omnibus Nursing Act for the 175-hour course. Teaches uncomplicated nursing procedures. Persons completing this state-approved course are qualified to assist LPN/RN in direct patient care. Covers an introduction to the nurse assistant, understanding the elderly, safety, food service, personal care, elimination, restorative nursing, and special procedures. Manual complies with latest federal and state regulations for long-term care. (IML 2001)

Restorative Nurse Assistant

This manual was developed to train nurse assistants to assist consultants in physical, occupational, or speech therapy and to serve in a maintenance capacity in the consultant’s absence. The content covers introduction to restorative nursing, communications, psychosocial aspects of disability, anatomy and physiology of the long-term patient, pathology of the long-term patient, specific care problems, and basic restorative procedures. (IML 1990)