Missouri Guidance Planning Surveys (MOGPS)

The Missouri Guidance Planning Surveys are tools to help schools and counselors refine guidance programs. These surveys, developed in 2007 in collaboration with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), meet the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP) requirements using the Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Content Standards and Grade Level Expectations (GLEs).

Surveys are available by grade spans. Questions are based on the guidance content standards – referred to as “Big Ideas” in the standards documents. Reports combine data from these groups to allow for ease in comparison of responses for comprehensive planning.

All teachers/staff should be surveyed regardless of district size. To obtain meaningful results for student and grades K-2 parent/guardian populations, use the recommended minimum sample sizes below.

To obtain meaningful results, sample at least 10% of parent/guardians at grades 3 through 12.

Survey Content Categories listed below: 

  • Understanding Self as an Individual and as a Member of Diverse Local and Global Communities 
  • Interacting with Others in Ways That Respect Individual and Group Differences 
  • Applying Personal Safety Skills and Coping Strategies 
  • Applying Skills Needed for Educational Achievement 
  • Applying Skills of Transitioning between Educational Levels
  • Developing and Monitoring Personal Educational Plans 
  • Applying Career Exploration and Planning Skills in the Achievement of Life Career Goals 
  • Knowing Where and How to Obtain Information about the World of Work and Post-Secondary Training/Education 
  • Applying Employment Readiness Skills and Skills for On-the-Job Success

Administration Times listed below: 

  • Student Surveys – 10 minutes 
  • Parent/Guardian Surveys – 5 minutes 
  • Teacher/Certified Staff Surveys – 20 minutes
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