SAT 10 - Guide for Classroom Planning

Standford 10 Guide for Classroom Planning shows teachers how to use test results to prepare for the school year, group students for instruction, evaluate achievement, pace instruction, plan parent-teacher conferences, and more. It also explains test scores and norms, and includes items with annotations and lists classroom objectives for each content cluster.
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SAT 10 - Machine-Scorable Test Booklets

Standford 10 Machine-Scorable Test Booklets do not include OLSAT 8 answer spaces. FOr combination SAT 10/OLSAT 8 testing at the SESAT through Primary 2 levels, both SAT 10 and OLSAT 8 machine-scorable test booklets are needed.

SAT 10 - Understanding Test Results

Standford 10 Understanding Test Results are designed as a quick reference to help parents understand test results. This document discusses the purpose served by standardized tests and the limitations of achievement test results. Written in both English and Spanish.